From KG to Ph.D., How Learntech Helps You with Admissions?

It’s still February and exams are weeks away but counselors at Learntech have had packed days answering queries from parents and counseling students. While students are asking about what to do next in their careers, parents want to know about the admission process to a college or professional course.

Bangalore-based educational consultant Learntech, which celebrated its 25th-anniversary last month, has been helping students with admissions in a rather radical way: one that first starts with counseling and ends with admission to a school or college with a course of their choice, anywhere in India and at any educational establishment.

Learntech, which works with most professional and degree colleges as well as schools, regardless of geography, is among the oldest and the fastest growing educational consultancies in the country today and pretty good at it.

Every state has an entrance test and every university and board has a different one and students who want to take up professional courses often have no idea about these or are confused with what entrance test to take. Add to the conundrum the paperwork involved and the admission process just gets humongous. It’s here that Learntech actually comes into the picture.

Learntech helps them choose the right programme at diploma, graduation, post-graduation levels and the right college or university across India.
Being active is important for all students approaching the admission year. With too many people trying to take admission into a college or course of their choice, there is always fierce competition for the few seats that exist and students have to prep up for this important journey of their life. Right from counseling and course selection to admission and post-admission care, Learntech does it all. For over the quarter century, Learntech has helped thousands of Indian and international students get into a school or college of their choice.

Since its establishment in 1994, Learntech today has become one of India’s largest educational consultancy with offices in the India Dubai and Bahrain.
While educational consultancies have existed in one form or the other, no one offers the range of services that Learntech offers and these include free educational counseling to both students and parents, free transfer from the transport hub, accommodation, guidance to students appearing for entrance tests, college tour, scholarships, and more. Regardless of the budget, Learntech ensures admission to a college with ease.
They have a panel of experienced counseling professionals, established connections, deep and longstanding partnerships with colleges and universities, and extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, Learntech can help you with worry-free admissions to any institute in India.

While the concept of educational consultancies has been quite old in the country, no one provides you the services Learntech has become known for. They make you feel at home whichever college or city you choose to study. The fact is that for 25 years Learntech has built a reputation that no one can match and service excellence that is today an industry benchmark.

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