About Us

‘Bengaluru Vartha’ is a widely known and well accepted Malayalam news portal in Bengaluru started in 2015. Ours is the first and only exclusive news portal for Bengaluru news published in Malayalam.

The most relevant news updates sought by Bengaluru Malayalees are published promptly every day in our portal. This pace and dedication in publishing news by going into detail on every events and incidents that happens in Bengaluru, to report the most reliable news on time has helped us to gain immense popularity.

Our company is always vigilant and swiftly involves in socioeconomic issues affecting people, to provide required support, guidance and coordination in resolving issues and to fulfill people’s requirements. Our readers are our strength and we are always committed to validate and publish the specifics on various happenings in Bengaluru reported by them. Our working model involves all Bengaluru Malayalees irrespective of religion, age, caste, creed and political differences. Our success formula encompasses the constant and unbiased association with close to hundred Malayalee associations and more than ten major virtual social networking groups in Bengaluru.

As a socially responsible and widely respected media company, we persistently strive to exceed people’s expectations by upholding superior quality in journalism.